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12 other species protected and revenue derived from them. Running fires destructive in upper hill forests of Burma killing off original forest, reducing large areas to “jungle” composed chiefly of bamboo. Teak, like oak, sprouts from crown of burned root making grubs. 150 to 180 years required for the production of mature teak tree - 7 foot girth. 100 to 120 should be enough if protected from fire in youth. Sulpiz Kurz, in his “Forest Flora of British India”, 1887, enumerates 1500 species. In damp hill forests oaks, chestnuts, magnolia at elevations of 3000 to 3500. “The tropical forests marvelous in their luxuriance of vegetation. Abundant rain fall and complete protection of surface soil and the soil moisture are the essential requisites for this type of forest. Here the forest consists practically of 3 tiers of trees, exclusive of underwoods - bamboos, palms, screw pines, rattans, woody climbers, ferns, etc. The lowest tier consists of trees like Garcinia, Diospyros, Cinnamomum, Tetranthera, Ardisia, Millettia, Ficus, Eugenia, Myristica and host of others. Above these are loftier species of Ficus, Bursera, Semicarpus, Cedrela, Lagerstroemia, Mangifera and other general while over these again tower the still loftier crowns of forest giants belonging to the genera Sterculia, Tetrameles, Artocarpus, Parkia, Diplerocarpus, Parashorea, Hopea, Anisoptera, Antiaris and many others.” Some of these attain a height of 250 feet, and it is not unusual to see Kanyin stems (Dipterocarpus Turbinatus) of enormous girth running up straight as an arrow to a height

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