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by its shade of green far up hollows. Can endure fire better than yel pine? Babies beautiful, exceedingly lovely, saw many aspiring branches airy fairy seedlings; about the most beautiful of all evergreens. [Sept 11]. In the broad central plain of the continent, the mountains fading in the West, a few outlying buttes break the brown monotony of the plain level. Long tedious ride all day over grassy plains mixed with short sage in driest places, stratified soil on top mixed with gravel and boulders, many of them not well worn or sorted. Rough gl drift washed by broad muddy floods. In some places nearer base of mtns in heaps and surface sprinkled with boulders that look like sheep scattered and feeding. The branch of Missouri we are following has flat channel ancient 2 - 1/2 to 5 ms wode, countersunk 300 ft in plain; the bluffs merely modulated generally. Buildings of stock raisers shabby wind - beaten affairs, must be dismal in winter. Noticed a few erigerons and golden rods, bunch grass good, ragged cottonwoods along the river; young look leafy and brave, old half dead tho’ holding on. The larch when young has branches nearly level or drooping at bottom, then ascending gradually more nearly vertical at top with ½ dozen branches or so seeming to want to be leaders, the central one usually. Keeps ahead with very slender growth. Old irregular, many of larger branches falcate, some droop, others ascend, crossing each other in the view, and as the foliage slender, tufty and unbranched, a remarkably open sunny light and airy diaphanous appearance effect is made. The shafts of the young trees are the slenderest of all conifers in some circumstances, close growth, etc. They manage to keep possession of stream flats against yel p and Menzies and Eng sp. The bark of large specimens of larch. [Sept 12]. Morning all one level wheatfield, now in shock and thrashing, 50 cts per bushel, wild grass yel and green, goldenrod all across the continent. Great is goldenrod. Gl boulders but not everywhere. Wheat mostly thrashed from shock, enormous numbers of

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