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9 Oct 20th [conversation] Hugh Miller - tree 94 cir 4ft ab ground [Fine] regular [bole] round as [yr] turned in the [latter]. 250 ft high 15ft dia 100ft ab [above] ground? 31ft 4ft ab [above] ground larger dia

[1672]- 5ft of large stump on Kings R [River] 35ft 8in dia 140 ft h

259 yrs 2ft 8in dia at 100 yr old [5-4] [dia at] 200 6 11-1/2 [dia at 200] or 4-3-1/2 [increase] of dia 2nd 100yrs whole dia 7-11 inside bark bark avg 4in making dia 8-7 increase in last 59 yrs 11-1/2 inches at 3ft from ground - a tree that was chopped down by [concise] grew on [edge] of meadow 50ft from [edge] of 6100ft at sea 243ft in height at [100] ft from ground 4-6in at [200] ft from ground 1-5in [50]

10 280 yrs - 9-3 dia bark included [6 11 ½] 222 feet high [converse] [grove]

493yrs 7-6 dia (bark) 240ft high

424 yrs 1st 100 yrs 2ft dia 2nd [100 yrs] 4ft dia 3rd [100 yrs] 5-9ft dia 4th [100 yrs] 7-1 ½ dia whole dia exclusive of bark 7-7 ½ Height 207ft

Height 255ft age 506yrs 1st 100 yrs 1-4 2nd [100 yrs] 3-1 3rd [100 yrs] 4-10 4th [100 yrs] 5-11 5th [100 yrs] 7-3 [49]

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