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In a section entitled as above (pp. 89-97), Dr. Kneeland describes the Yosemite Valley region and evidence of glaciers from Mt. Lyell to the edge of the Valley. He quotes Muir at length, saying, ""The following are Mr. Muir's observations, almost in his own words, in a recent letter."" Dr. Kneeland then devotes six and a half pages (91-97) to the hypothesis ""that the formation of this valley could not have been due to the action of water or of ice .... There seems no hypothesis left except the one given by Prof. Whitney ... that during or after the upheaval of the Sierra, there was a subsidence, the bottom of these valleys sinking down to an unknown depth .... ""Thus, using Muir's observations, Dr. Kneeland ironically draws a conclusion that is completely opposite to that of Muir.


The Wonders of the Yosemite Valley, and of California. 3rd ed. Rev. & enlarged


p. 90-91

[The Yosemite Glaciers.]



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