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In this section of his book, Dr. Kneeland gives weather observations taken by Muir which closely follow the data given in ""Extracts from letters written by Mr. Muir, on the winter phenomena of the Yosemite Valley"" read March 6, 1872, before the Boston Society of Natural History (see no. 16). Kneeland then quotes Muir's experience on an avalanche: ""I cast myself upon my back, feet foremost, and moved away through space, softly as a cloud. The snow gave no sound from pressure, and on I sailed, noiseless and effortless, over logs, and rocks, and woven chapparal, as unbruised and unjolted as a full grown thistleseed in a sunny wind."" Kneeland also quotes Muir at length regarding a planned Christmas dinner that ""was all very well conceived, but alas! like all other ladyless feasts, it was a failure.""


The Wonders of the Yosemite Valley, and of California. 3rd ed. Rev. & enlarged


p. 84-87

[Winter in the Yosemite Valley.]



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