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Dr. Kneeland, at a meeting of the Boston Society of N Natural History, May 15, 1872, read ""extracts from a letter from Mr. John Muir on the effects of the earthquake of March 26, 1872 in Yosemite Valley"" (no. 17). Dr. Kneeland took a shortened version of this presentation to use in his book. He states: ""The following information has been communicated to a friend [Dr. J.D. Runkle, president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology] by a gentleman [John Muir] who has passed the winter there."" Quoting Muir without acknowledgment, he begins: ""On the twenty-sixth of March, 1872, at about 2 1/2 A.M., the first shock occurred, shaking people out of bed, lasting about three minutes .... "" Muir receives no credit for the essay that follows, although the material is being quoted directly from the Muir letter that Dr. Kneeland had read at a meeting of the Society.


The Wonders of the Yosemite Valley, and of California. 2nd ed.


p. 88

[The Recent Earthquake in Yosemite.]



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