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When warm rains, falling on quantities of snow in the Yuba and Feather River region, made a flood inevitable (Jan. 19th), Muir immediately went out to join the storm and exult in all its manifestations. He writes: ""Never have I beheld water falling from the sky in denser or more passionate streams. The heavy wind beat forward the spray in suffocating drifts .... The storm language of the river was hardly less enchanting than that of the forest wind: the sublime overboom of the main current, and the swash and gurgle of eddies .... Storms are fine speakers and tell all they know ... and because we are poor listeners we fail to catch much that is even fairly within reach. Our best rains are heard mostly on roofs, and winds in chimneys.""


The Overland Monthly, v. 14, no. 6


pp. [489]-496

Flood-Storm in the Sierra.



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