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""The crown of the Sierra decorated with streaming snow banners, was the most sublime phenomenon I ever witnessed in the Alps, far surpassing in plain downright grandeur all the most imposing effects of clouds, floods, and avalanches."" Muir emphasizes their rarity, commenting that in five winters he observed them only once. He writes: ""Wherever strong storm winds find this light, well grounded snow dust in loose condition, upon exposed slopes where there is a free upward sweep, it is tossed back into the sky, and born outward from peak to peak ... how trimly each is attached to the very summit of its peak, like a streamer at a mast-head. How smooth and silky they are in texture, and how exquisitely their fading fringes are penciled upon the azure!""


Harper's New Monthly Magazine, v. 55, no. 326


pp. 162-164

Snow Banners of the California Alps.



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