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"The monuments of the Ice Age in the Great Basin have been greatly obscured and broken, many of the more ancient of them having perished altogether ... in a great part [due] to the perishable character of the rocks of which they were made."" Muir relates in detail the great amount of evidence he has discovered of a past glacial history, describing the gradual but orderly transition from an elevated tableland through various forms, from ""a slow dessication and decay to present conditions of sage and sand.""


San Francisco Daily Evening. Bulletin, Dec. 5, 1878


p. 4, cols. 1-2

Glacial Phenomena in Nevada. Interesting Discoveries by John Muir. Glacial Traces-Lateral Moraines-How the Valleys Were Formed. (Special Correspondence of the Bulletin.) Eureka, Nev., November 28, 1878.



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