[Tribute to Harriman.]

[Tribute to Harriman.]


John Muir


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Muir's tribute appears in a report of a reception the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce gave in honor of Mr. Edward H. Harriman. The article is entitled ""Harriman Hopes to Make Home in Los Angeles. . . . 'If U.S. Pays Me That River Bill, I'll Put Cash Into Depot Here,' Says Magnate.""The occasion gave Harriman the opportunity to meet the businessmen of Los Angeles and gave the business community the opportunity to express its request to Harriman to build a new railroad depot for the city. After the usual preliminaries, speeches by dignitaries, and Harriman's brief comments, Harriman introduced Muir, urging him to tell a particular story. Muir graciously declined, stating that ""it was a Harriman night."" Muir, however, did respond by saying: ""I was asked by a reporter some days ago how I came to be a friend of Harriman, the railroad man. I said I went to Mr. Harriman because I was in trouble and I found Mr. Harriman not only a man with a big brain, but with a big heart. Very few people know what a kindly man he is."" The trouble to which Muir referred was the uncertainty of the recession of Yosemite Valley from California to the federal government in order for it to become an integral part of the Yosemite National Park. Muir appealed to Harriman, whose influence in the legislature on the recession became crucial to the final, successful vote.


Los Angeles Examiner


p. 1, col. 1





[Tribute to Harriman.]