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During a recent summer tour of the Yosemite National Park which lasted several weeks I especially observed its condition as a result of its care and protection by the military authorities for the last three years and contrasted it with the condition of the forest reservation to the south of the park and with Yosemite Valley. The contrast effectively demonstrates not only the propriety, but the necessity . . . of extending the military authority over not only the forest reservations, but also over the Yosemite Valley. . . . The solution to the whole question . . . is to recede the valley to the Federal Government and let it form a part of the Yosemite National Park, which naturally it is. It is the heart and gem of it, and should at least receive as much care and protection as the park surrounding.


The San Francisco Call


p. 10, cols. 4-6

John Muir On Yosemite. The Mountaineer and Writer Says That the Valley Is Wrecked. 'Downtrodden And Desolate.' He Tells What He Saw and Wants the Government to Take Back the Valley.



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