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"When the traveler from California has crossed the Sierra and gone a little way down the eastern flank, the woods come to an end about as suddenly and completely as if, going westward, [he had] reached the ocean. From the very noblest forests in the world he emerges into free sunshine and dead alkaline lake levels."" Muir discusses the coniferous trees, particularly the nut pine, the extent of its range, and the importance of its edible crop not only to the Indians, but also to the animals, birds, and insects.


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, Oct. 31, 1878


p. 1, cols. 4-5

Nevada Forests. Coniferous Trees in the Great Basin-The Timber Line. Pine Nut Forest-Pine Nuts as Food-Pine Nut Harvests. (Special Correspondence of the Bulletin.) Eureka, Nev., October 22, 1878.



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