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""Lilies are rare in Utah ... chiefly on account of the fiery saltness of the soil and climate."" On a trek to the Oquirrh range, however, Muir found a profusion of lilies, a ""whole mountain side aglow with them"" He later comments, ""Liliaceous women and girls are rare among Mormons .... But down in the Sun Pitch Valley at Gunnison I discovered a genuine lily happily named Lily Young. She is a granddaughter of Brigham Young, slender and graceful, with lily-white cheeks, tinted with clear rose."" He concludes that in his memories of U tab ""with its golden lilies, will ever rise in clear relief, and associated with them will always be Lily Young, the prettiest lily lass in Utah.""


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, July 19, 1877


p. 4, cols. 1-2

Mormon Lilies. Liliaceous Wonder-A Mountain Covered with Flowers Gorgeous Lily Gardens-A Sublime Scene-The Queen of All. (Special Correspondence of the Bulletin.) Salt Lake, July, 1877.



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