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In an article relating the early history of the formation of the Sierra Club, Joseph N. LeConte includes two Muir letters which he states are the earliest known ones Muir wrote concerning the Club. In the first, Muir writes from Martinez, May 10, 1892: "I am greatly interested in theformation of an Alpine Club, and think with you and Mr. Olney that the time has come when such a club should be organized. You may count on me as a member and as willing to do all in my power to further the interest of such a club." Muir closes the second letter, written May 22, in which he accepts an invitation to attend the first meeting, with the hope "that we will be able to do something for wildness and make the mountains glad." Accompanying the article is a plate of the first holograph letter. See no. 479.


Sierra Club Bulletin, v. 10, no. 2


p. 138

[Letter to Henry Senger.]



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