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In Mr. Trout's reminiscences of the sojourn of John and Daniel Muir with the Trout family in Canada, a letter from John Muir is included. From Martinez, May 10, 1912, Muir writes: "In trying to clear away the huge talus of letters a year high, accumulated while I was in South America and Africa, I find your long letter of March 15th full of good news .... Friends get closer and dearer the farther they travel on life's journey. It's fine to see how youthful your heart remains; and wide and far reaching sympathy, with everybody and everything. Such people never grow old." Muir urges his friends to come West the next year and "not wait until the canal year. Delays are more and more dangerous as sundown draws nigh." Ironically, Mr. Trout did wait, and during that interlude the sundown came to John Muir.


In Trout, W. H., Trout Family History. Milwaukee: W. H. Trout


p. 132

[Letter to William Trout.]



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