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In these excerpts from Muir's summer journal of 1868, the sheep had been moved to new pastures in the Yosemite Creek basin, allowing him easy access to panoramic views of not only the high Sierra, but also into Yosemite Valley as well. It is in this portion of the journal that Muir chronicles his wild and devilish implus to inch out newar the onrushing current of Yosemite Creek as ti plunges into its renowned fall. He writes: "The tremendous grandeur of the fall in form and sound and motion acting at close range smothered the sense of fear...How long I remained there, or how I returned, I can hardly tell...Hereafter I'll try to keep away form such extravagant, nerve-straining places. Yet such a day is well worth venturing for. My first view of the High Sierra, first view looking down into Yosemite, the death-song of Yosemite Creek, and its flight over the vast cliff, each one of these is of itself enough for a great life-long landscape fortune -- a most memorable day of days." Selections are taken form no. 299, pp.152-250.


The Atlantic Monthly, v. 107, no. 3


pp. 339-349

My First Summer in the Sierra.



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