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""Nature is seldom suspected of being poor, for does she not possess all the real estate of the world, to say nothing of the unexplored moons and stars? and has she only one Yosemite Valley? I have just returned from ... the King's River Yosemite, which is larger than the Yosemites of the Tuolumne and Merced."" After meeting woodsmen who had felled a giant sequoia, and seeing a sign posted claiming all the valley for stock raising, Muir concludes: "" ... it appears that all the destructible beauty of this remote Yosemite is doomed to perish like that of its neighbors, and our tame law-loving citizens plant and water their garden daisies without concern wholly unconscious of loss.""


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin


p. 1, cols. 1-2


Reprinted in Aug. 19, 1875, edition

Summering in the Sierra. A New Yosemite-The King's River Valley. It is Geographically Described by John Muir. Glorious Scenery, Magnificent Forests, Lovely Waterfalls-El Capitan and Three Brothers Reproduced-The Valley at Night. (From Our Own...



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