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"The fourteenth volume of the Silva of North America, just published, brings a great book, begun about twenty years ago, to a happy conclusion .... It is a description of all the trees that are known to grow naturally in North America, exclusive of Mexico .... There is so much large scenery in the book ... that we are borne smoothly along, hardly realizing that we are not actually out of doors in the woods, traveling unwearied, free as the winds. We fancy we feel the weather, hear the wind in the trees, see them budding and blooming and ripening their fruit. ... Who can read of such trees without longing to see them .... And so we might go on wondering, admiring, describing, until this review reached the size of the Silva itself. Let every one read the book, travel, and see for himself, and while fire and the axe still threaten destruction, make haste to come to the help of these trees, our country's pride and glory." On Muir's trip around the world in 1903, he traveled extensively with Charles S. Sargent.


The Atlantic Monthly, v. 92, no. 549


pp. 9-22

Sargent's Silva.



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