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"I have been one of Joseph LeConte's innumerable friends and admirers for more than thirty years. It was in Yosemite Valley that I first met him, not far from the famous rock beneath the shadow of which he died." Muir recalls a trip taken across the Sierra with Professor LeConte and a group of his students, and writes: "This first LeConte excursion, with its grand landscapes and weather and delightful campfire talks, though now far back in the days of auld lang syne, still remains in mind bright and indestructible, like glacial inscriptions in granite . ... As a teacher he stood alone on this side of the continent, and his influence no man can measure. He carried his students in his heart, and was the idol of the University."


The University of California Magazine, v. 7, no. 5


pp. 209-213

Reminiscences of Joseph LeConte.



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