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"The glaciers that load the mountains of the Pacific Coast form a belt about two thousand miles long, of which the south half is mostly narrow and broken, the north continuous and broad." Muir describes the glaciers that could be observed from the ship on the voyage north. A week was spent in Glacier Bay, noting the changes that had taken place since his first visit in 1879. The Muir Glacier had receded two miles, while all the others had receded from four to ten miles. During most of the journey northward, the mountains were hidden by dark clouds, but the return voyage was "Heaven-favored." Muir writes that "every mountain stood transfigured in divine light, was the crowning grace and glory of the trip and must be immortal in the remembrance of every soul of us."


Harriman Alaska Expedition, Alaska Narrative, Glaciers, Natives by John Burroughs, John Muir and George Bird Grinnell. New York: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1901, v. I


pp. 119-135

Notes On The Pacific Coast Glaciers.



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