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Muir chronicles his intimate acquaintance with many birds. Greatly admiring the grouse, which resides all year in the High Sierra forests, he writes: "Able to live on the buds of pine, spruce, and fir, they are forever independent in the matter of food supply, which gives so many of us trouble, dragging us here and there away from our best work. How gladly I would live on pine buds, however pitchy for the sake of this grand independence." Of all the birds Muir writes about with affection, the water ouzel remains his favorite: "Bird and stream are inseparable, songful and wild, gentle and strong-the bird ever in danger in the midst of the stream's mad whirlpools, yet seeming immortal. ... Go see him ... and through him as through a window look into Nature's warm heart."


The Atlantic Monthly, v. 82, no. 494


pp. 751-760

Among the Birds of the Yosemite.



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