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""Snow is falling on icy Shasta. Its rugged glaciers, steep lava-slope, and broad, swelling base are all gloriously snow-covered, and day and night snow is still falling-snow on snow."" Muir describes his leisurely walk up the valley to Sisson's Station, his preparation for an ascent of Mt. Shasta, and his strenuous climb through deep snow to the summit. After a couple of hours at the summit with violent winds hoisting snow-banners, he is compelled to retreat to his base camp, where he hurriedly assembles a ""storm-nest"" as the ""storm closed down on all things, producing a wild exhilaration."" On the third day, his snowy solitude is abruptly interrupted by the arrival of a packer sent from Sisson's to rescue him, in spite of his explicit instructions to be left alone whatever the weather.


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin


p.1, col. 3


Reprint in De. 3, 1874 edition.

Shasta in Winter. John Muir, the Geologist and Explorer, Ascends It. A Hard and Perilous Undertaking - Among the Glaciers, Lava-beds, and Storm-clouds. (Special Correspondence of the Bulletin.) Sisson's Station, November 24, 1874.



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