John Muir



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"California is rich in mountains. They rise in glorious array all around her borders, forming a long, nest-like oval, and offer grand and picturesque scenery in endless variety. At first sight, such is the massive simplicity of the topography, the State seems to. have. only one valley � the grand central plain hemmed in by the coast mountains and the Sierra. But With this apparent simplicity there is a great complexity of hidden detail." Muir describes some of the inviting "hidden detail" as well as the impressive panoramic views. He closes his brief essay saying, "Dwarf pines, storm beaten and smothered, lie buried in show at the top of the range. Sunny palms and orange groves laden with fruit flourish at the foot of it.


The [San Francisco] Examiner, Jan. 28, 1894


p. 51

Our Towering Peaks and Deep Abysses.



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