The Mountains of California.

The Mountains of California.


John Muir


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Tan cloth decorated in green and gilt with gilt-stamped lettering on spine and front cover; top edges gilt. Illus.: 51 halftones; 2 maps. Price: $1.50 In the 1911 edition (no. 293), Muir states in his dedication that the book was the ""ninth edition"" thus indicating that there were eight previous printings of the 1894 edition. To date we have located only six: 1894, 1898, 1901, 1903, 1904, 1907. The first copies of the 1894 printing can be identified by folio I below the text on page L For later editions, see: no. 190; no. 293; no. 341, v. 4, 5; no. 390; no. 407; no. 508. Muir selected articles which had previously appeared in several magazines and one newspaper, and edited them to create his first book. He skillfully prefaced his selections with an overview of the Sierra Nevada Range, preparing the reader for the more detailed aspects that follow. The book contains much of Muir's finest writing between 1875 and 1882, and is considered by many Muir admirers to be his finest book. New material is found in chapters I, III, and XII. Contents (see numbers that follow chapter titles for prior publication): I. The Sierra Nevada; II. The Glaciers, no. 52; III. The Snow, no. 68; IV. A Near View of the High Sierra, no. 100; V. The Passes, no. 88; VI. The Glacier Lakes, no. 85; VII. The Glacier Meadows, no. 87; VIII. The Forests, no. 63, no. 80, no. 124, no. 127; IX. The Douglass Squirrel, no. 83; X. A Wind-Storm in the Forests, no. 81; XI. The River Floods, no. 43; XII. Sierra Thunder Storms; XIII. The Water-Ouzel, no. 74; XIV. The Wild Sheep, no. 110; XV. In the Sierra Foothills, no. 57, no. 58; XVI. The Bee-Pastures, no. 145, no. 146.


The Mountains of California. New York: The Century Co., 1894. [xvi]


381 pp


illus., 19.5 cm

The Mountains of California.