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"A bill has already been introduced by [General William] Vandever creating a national park about the reservation which the State now holds in trust for the people. It's very desirable that the new reservation should at least extend to the limit indicated by the map, and the bill cannot too quickly become law [for a map, see The Century Magazine, Sept. 1890, p. 666]. All that is accessible and destructible is being rapidly destroyed-more rapidly than in any other Yosemite in the Sierra, though this is the only one that is under the special protection of the Government. And by far the greater part of this destruction of the fineness of wildness is of a kind that can claim no right relationship with that which necessarily follows use." The above statement prompted a letter to the Editor, published September 8, entitled, "Muir and Yosemite. John P. Irish has something to say in reply." In his letter, Irish accuses Muir of cutting down trees in Yosemite Valley for commercial purposes. In reply, Muir wrote a letter to the Editor refuting the accusatons [sic].


Oakland Daily Evening Tribune, Sept. 6, 1890


p. 4, col. 1

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The quote from Muir is excerpted from no. 182, p. 667.

As it Appears to John Muir.



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