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"The upper Tuolumne Valley is the widest, smoothest, most serenely spacious, and in every way the most delightful summer pleasure park in all the high Sierra." Muir supports his statement with descriptions of the compelling beauty of the region which he proposes as a national park, including the Hetch Hetchy Valley. In conclusion he writes: "Unless reserved or protected the whole region will soon or late be devastated by lumbermen and sheepmen, and so of course be made unfit for use as a pleasure ground . . . . It is also devoutly to be hoped that the Hetch Hetchy will escape such ravages of man as one sees in Yosemite. Ax and plow, hogs and horses, have long been and are still busy in Yosemite's gardens and groves." A map of the proposed park is included with the article.


The Century Magazine, v. 40, no. 5


pp. 656-667

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Excerpts from this essay are used in: no. 308, pp. 211-221, pp. 249-253; no. 341, v. 5, pp. 237-249, pp. 278-283; no. 450.


Pages 663-667 are reprinted from no. 22.

Features of the Proposed Yosemite National Park.



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