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""The coniferous forests of the Sierra Nevada are the noblest and most beautiful on earth .... The inviting openness of the Sierra woods is one of their most distinguishing characteristics. All the species stand more or less apart in groves or small, irregular groups, enabling one to find a way nearly everywhere, along sunny colonnades and through openings that have a smooth, parklike surface .... Now you cross a wild garden, now a meadow, now a ferny, willowy stream; and ever and anon you emerge from all the groves and flowers upon some granite pavement or high, bare ridge, commanding glorious views above the waving sea of evergreens far and near."" After writing of the Sierra forests as a whole, Muir considers the various species of which they are composed. Evident throughout is Muir's ardent and, yes, worshipful love of trees. His delightfully inviting descriptions of the various species reveal his intimate knowledge gained through long experience with them in all seasons.


Scribner's Monthly, v. 22, no. 5


pp. 710-723

Coniferous Forests of the Sierra Nevada. I.



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