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Introducing his ""Botanical Notes"" Muir writes: ""Inasmuch as the flora of the arctic and subarctic regions is nearly the same everywhere, the discovery of many species new to science was not to be expected .... In general the physiognomy of the vegetation of the polar regions resembles that of the alpine valleys of the temperate zones; so much so that the botanist on the coast of Arctic Siberia or America might readily fancy himself on the Sierra Nevada at a height of 10,000 feet.""


Cruise of the Revenue-Steamer Corwin in Alaska and the N. W. Arctic Ocean in 1881. Notes and Memoranda .... Washington: Government Printing Office, 1883


pp. 47-53


Treasury Dept. Document No. 429. 120 pp., 30 cm. Brown buckram with gilt-stamped title on front cover. Illus.

Botanical Notes on Alaska.



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