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""No other mountain chain on the globe seems to be so rich in emphatic, well preserved glacial monuments .... Not a peak, ridge, dome, or mere rock, canon, lake-basin, forest, or stream, but in some way explains the past existence and modes of action of flowing, grinding ice. For, notwithstanding the post glacial agents ... the latter are so enduring and so heavily emphasized, they still rise in sublime relief, clear and legible, through every after inscription, whether of the mighty avalanche, the torrent, or universal, eroding atmosphere."" The article gives the dimensions of the five main tributaries of the great Merced glacier at their period of greatest volume, areas covered, and work accomplished.


The Californian [San Francisco], v. 2, no. 12


pp. 550-557

Excerpt/Portion of

Excerpts are reprinted in no. 136

The Ancient Glaciers of the Sierra.



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