John Muir



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""How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains! ... The highest peaks burned like islands in a sea of liquid shade. Then the lower peaks and spires caught the glow, and long lances of light, streaming through many a notch and pass, fell thick on the frozen meadows. The majestic form of Ritter was full in sight, and I pushed rapidly on over rock-bosses and pavements my iron-shod shoes making a clanking sound .... ""Thus Muir begins the account of his exhilarating but hazardous climb of Mt. Ritter, ""king of the alps"" a peak that had never been climbed. Excerpts in no. 134, no. 138, no. 141, nos. 147 to 151; no. 432A; no. 460.


Scribner's Monthly, v. 20, no. 3


pp. 345-352

In the Heart of the California Alps.



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