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"A stream of fine, hearty, enthusiastic people is now pouring into Yosemite Valley, coming from far and near, over land and sea, in search of rest and health, and wild reviving beauty .... "Commenting on the 4,000 to 5,000 people who will probably visit the valley that season, Muir aptly predicts: "But this is still the day of small things, small as compared with the number that will come in future years .... "About his concern for the changes that have taken place on the floor of the valley, he writes: "Miles of fences have been built around hay-fields and patches of kitchen vegetables that have taken the places of the wild lily and rose gardens; and hundreds of horses have been allowed to run loose over the unfenced portion of the valley year after year until in many places it looks like a dusty, exhausted wayside pasture." Muir urges a "definite plan of action" be taken by the Commissioners, and commends them for choosing Galen Clark as the guardian.


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, June 27, 1889


p. 1, cols. 5-6

Yosemite Valley. Beauties of the Landscape in Early Summer. Late Changes in the Valley-Lack of Plan a Serious Impediment to Improvement-John Muir's Views. Yosemite Valley, June 21, 1889.



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