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On the trek northward, when a temporarily deserted Indian village came in sight, Muir comments: ""They were so happily rich as to have little of a perishable kind to keep, nothing worth fretting about."" At the close of his successful exploration of the Taku Inlet, Muir writes: ""The sunset in this glorious mountain mansion, with the weather so perfect, was intensely impressive. After the dark water of the fiord was in shadow the level sunbeams continued to pour through the square miles of bergs with ravishing beauty, every one of them reflecting and refracting the purple light like cut crystal."" He aptly concludes, ""This has been one of the best of all my Alaska days .... ""


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, Nov. 13, 1880


p. 4, cols. 1-2

Alaska Land. A Perfect Day-Nature's Ceaseless Work-Pushing Northward. Indian Superstitions-The Tahkou River Indians-Magnificent Glacial Scenery-Gorgeous Sunset. (Special Correspondence of the Bulletin.) Mouth of Tahkou River, Alaska, August 24, 1880.



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