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Muir recounts the many perilous attempts they made to reach the icebound shores of Wrangell Land, only to be compelled each time by fog and closing ice to grope their way back to open water. After numerous attempts interspersed with days of waiting, they finally dropped anchor close by the desolate shore. Muir writes: ""The long battle we had fought with the ice was now fairly won, and neither engine nor hull of the ship seemed to have suffered any appreciable damage from the terrible shocks and strains they had undergone."" Muir concludes: ""A land more severely solitary could hardly be found anywhere on the face of the globe.""


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, Sept. 29, 1881


p. 1, col. 3

Wrangel Land, Conflict with the Ice-A Struggle to Reach Shore. The Corwin in an Arctic River-Acquisition to the National Domain. Steamer Corwin, Off Point Barrow, August 16, 1881.



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