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Muir writes that Wrangell village ""is a rough place"" and no place he knows of ""approaches it in picturesque, devil-may-care abandon. It is a moist dragglement of unpretentious wooden huts and houses that go wrangling and angling along the boggy curving shore of the bay."" Nevertheless, Muir concedes that it ""is a tranquil place-tranquil as the lovely bay and the islands outspread in front of it, or the deep evergreen woods behind it."" Finally, Muir's enthusiasm ""for this noble wilderness, and so much kindness among the people"" prompts him to abandon his plan to return south, and instead remain and explore the mountains at hand.


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, Sept. 6, 1879


p. 1, col. 4


Reprinted in Sept. 11, 1879 edition.

Notes of a Naturalist. John Muir in Alaska-Wrangel Island and its Picturesque Attractions. Summer Days that Have No End-Pictures of Sound Life. Life Among the Indians-Boat Life-Wild Berries. (Special Correspondence of the Bulletin.) Fort Wrangel, Alaska, August 8, 1879.



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