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After relating his observations of the snowpack in the Sierra, Muir describes the winter storm season, and in conclusion writes: "And when the last storm has fallen and the sun with increasing heat withdraws the crystal cloth from the landscape, the lost streams are set free to run in the light, the meadows take on their own proper bloom, the bent groves arise, birds and all the other mountain people come back to their summer homes, and over every height and hollow life and joy refreshed and replenished proclaim the glorious story of the snow on the mountains."


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, June 22, 1889


p. 1, col. 6


For a reprint see no. 502

The Snow. Result of John Muir's Investigations in the Sierra. A Lighter Fall Than Known Since the Settlement of the State. What May Be Now Seen in a Trip Through the Mountains-Rivers and Streams Full-The Forests in High Altitude.



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