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Muir describes in detail the mountain building of some two hundred miles of the Sierra Nevada. In conclusion he states: ""Thus it appears that all the mountains of the range ... whether the lofty alps of the summit, the richly sculptured dome clusters of the flanks, or the burnished bosses and mountainets projecting from the sides of the valleys-all owe their development to the ice-sheet of the great winter, which brooded them all, and flowed grandly above them like a wind. In all these sublime chapters of Sierra history there has been no upbuilding, but a gradual dismantling, and of this, all its elevations and depressions are the records and monuments."" The pen sketches that accompany this article in no. 39 are omitted here. According to Muir's List of the Published Writings... (no. 195), this paper was presented by Professor Asa Gray at the Hartford meeting of the Association, August, 1874. A digest of the paper appeared in the New York Daily Tribune Extra No. 21, ""Scientific Series"" September 3, 1874, p. 6-not located.


Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science [Salem, Mass.], Dec., 1874, v. 23, Part II


pp. 49-64

Studies in the Formation of the Mountains in the Sierra Nevada, California.



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