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Concerning a visit to an Eskimo village on Diomede Island, Muir comments: ""The Diomede merchants are true middlemen, and their village a half-way house of commerce between Northeastern Asia and America. The extent of dealings of these people, usually regarded as savages, is truly surprising."" The Corwin again tried to reach Wrangell Land to continue the search; however, the ice pack and enveloping storm forced a retreat. Muir relates that it ""was a howling storm-day ... through which we laid to, swashing and rolling wildly among white waves .... While we were still holding on, hoping the storm would subside from hour to hour, one of the rudder chains parted."" With the continuing storm and additional damage to the ship, Captain Hooper gave up all further attempts to continue the search.


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, Oct. 27, 1881


p. 3, col. 6

An Ice-Bound Shore. Cruising along the Edge of 'the Pack'-Off Wrangel Land. 'Hove to' in an Arctic Gale-The Corwin's Misadventures. Aboriginal Merchant Middlemen of Two Continents. (Special Correspondence of the Bulletin.) Steamer Corwin, Arctic Ocean, Between Herald Shoals and Point Hope, September 3, 1881.



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