John Muir



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While the Corwin was taking on coal at Plover Bay ""from a pile belonging to his Majesty, the Czar of Russia"" Muir seized the opportunity to climb the east wall of the fjord. He relates that ""as the day was clear, I obtained capital views of the mountains on both sides, and around the head of the fiord among the numerous ice fountains which during the glacial winter, poured their tribute through this magnificent channel into the Behring Sea.""


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, Aug. 16, 1881


p. 1, cols. 1-2

At Metchigme Bay. Glacier Work at Plover Bay-A Crazy Native-His Idiosyncracies and Attempted Suicide. Steamer Corwin. Near the Mouth of Metchigme Bay, On the west side of Behring Strait, June 27, 1881.



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