John Muir



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""In the afternoon the sea became smooth and glassy as a mountain lake, and the clouds lifted, gradually unveiling the Siberian coast. ... First the black bluffs standing close to the water, came in sight; then the white slopes, and then one summit after another until a continuous range of 40 or 50 miles long could be seen .... "" The solid ice along the shore of the bay, however, forced the Corwin to retreat once more to St. Laurence Island. Again natives came on board, some of the women bringing their children. Muir comments on a happy Eskimo baby who was sleeping while snow was falling on his face: ""These people interest me greatly, and it is worth coming far to know them, however slightly. The smile ... of the Esquimo baby goes direct to one's heart, and is not likely to be forgotten.""


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, July 13, 1881


p. 1, col. 5

Dodging The Ice. The Corwin Hard Pressed-Crowded by the Drifted Pack on a Lee Shore-An Esquimo Baby-Repairing the Damages to the Ship-The Wreck of the Schooner-Loleta-Plover Bay. Steamer Corwin, Plover Bay, June 15, 1881.



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