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""The Storm King of the North is abroad today working with a fine, hearty enthusiasm, rolling a multitude of white combing waves through the rocky, jagged straits between this marvelous chain of islands, circling them about with beaten foam, and heaping a lavish abundance of snow on their lofty, cloud-wrapped mountains."" Muir comments that most visitors to the area consider the Aleutian Islands to be volcanic; however, he observes ""that the amount of glacial denudation which these ancient lavas have undergone is very great; so great that now every feature presented, with the exception of the few recent craters, is glacial. ... Frost and fire have worked hand in hand to produce the grand effect presented in this majestic range of islands .... ""


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, June 20, 1881


p. 1, col. 1

The Corwin's Cruise. At Ounalaska-An Aleutian Storm and Landscape. Snow Barriers and Glacier Footprints on the Aleutian Group. (Special Correspondence of the Bulletin.) Ounalaska, May 18, 1881.



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