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""We have taken on a supply of coal and provisions for nine months in case we should by accident be caught in the ice north of Behring Strait. ... We hope to get away from here this evening for the Arctic, intending to cruise along the Alaskan coast beyond Point Barrow spending some time about Kotzebue Sound .... "" Muir describes a visit to a volcano from which he could see forty others. He relates: ""Our walk was very fatiguing, as we sank deep in spongy moss at every step, and staggered awkwardly on the tops of tussocks of grass and sedge .... It was very delightful, however, and crowded with rare beauty.""


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, Aug. 15, 1881


p. 3, col. 8

Return to St. Michael's. Preparing for Another Cruise-The Busy Season at St. Michael's-San Francisco Prospectors Heard From-Fauna and Flora-Volcanic Cones. St. Michael's, Alaska, July 8, 1881.



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