[Information from Muir Concerning Mineral Deposits in Alaska.]


[Information from Muir Concerning Mineral Deposits in Alaska.]


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In Beardslee's report on the mineral deposits of Alaska, he states that ""geologists of repute, among whom I may mention Prof. W. H. Dall of the Coast Survey; Prof. John Muir, State geologist of California; and many practical miners ... unite in the opinion that there are strong probabilities that Alaska is rich in precious metals."" Beardslee agrees with this statement and lists his reasons, one of which is: ""the information given to me in person by Professor Muir, who, among other things, expressed to me in September last his confidence that the lodes of Nevada extended through Alaska, and that he was confident that somewhere on the mainland not far from Sitka there would be found valuable gold deposits .... ""


Beardslee, Captain L.A., U.S. Navy, Reports of Captain L. A. Beardslee Relative to ""Jamestown"" Under His Command While in the Waters of That Territory. Senate Ex. Document no. 71, 47th Congress, 1st Session. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1882


p. 196

[Information from Muir Concerning Mineral Deposits in Alaska.]