Letter from Prof Muir.


Letter from Prof Muir.


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Under the title of ""Yellow Cedar"" Beardsles prefaces Muir's letter with, ""Much of the information which I have obtained in regard to it was derived from Prof. John Muir, who having made a number of extensive trips throughout Alaska, has not failed to utilize his botanical knowledge; and having been in his company considerably I have obtained advantage from it."" Muir believes the yellow cedar to be the most important tree in Alaska, considering the value of its timber. He extols its chief characteristics, stresses its great durability, and lists its varied uses, calling it ""a truly noble tree."" Under the heading of ""Other Timber"" Beardslee quotes Muir's brief comments about the pines, the firs, and the spruce


Beardslee, Captain L.A., U.S. Navy, Reports of Captain L. A. Beardslee Relative to ""Jamestown"" Under His Command While in the Waters of That Territory. Senate Ex. Document no. 71, 47th Congress, 1st Session. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1882


pp. 192-193

Letter from Prof Muir.