The Glaciers and Snow-Banners of California.

The Glaciers and Snow-Banners of California.


John Muir


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William and Maymie Kimes Annotation

Preceding the article, there is a biographical sketch of John Muir which is not entirely accurate (pp. 102-103.) The article consists of two parts: for the first part, pp. 104-110, see no. 52; for the second part, pp. 110-112, see no. 68. This is, in effect, the second volume of a two-volume work, though there is no indication of this in either volume. This one should not be confused with the first, which has the same title, but is dated 1881 on the title page. This publication was also issued in another binding of tan leather.


Phelps, Alonzo, ed., Contemporary Biography of California's Representative Men. San Francisco: A. L. Bancroft and Company, 1882


pp. 104-112


[vi], 416 pp., 32.5 cm. Black leather with gilt-stamped title on front cover; decorative frame blind stamped on front and back covers, edges gilt. Illus.

The Glaciers and Snow-Banners of California.