John Muir



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Muir describes the singular beauty of Mount Shasta, discusses the botanic zones, then relates his ascent with Jerome Fay in order to take barometrical observations. At the summit the ""sky was of the thinnest purest azure; spiritual life filled every pore of rock and cloud; and we reveled in the marvelous abundance and beauty of the landscapes by which we were encircled."" That afternoon, however, a storm quickly developed. As they started their descent, the ""storm at once became inconceivably violent, with scarce a preliminary scowl. ... Hail gave place to snow, and the darkness came on like night .... The lightnings flashed amid the desolate crags in terrible accord ... seeming to come thudding passionately forth from out the very heart of the storm."" Muir and his companion were forced to retreat to some hot springs where steam saved them from freezing during the night.


Harpers New Monthly Magazine, v. 55, no. 328,Sept., 1877


pp. 521-530

Snow Storm on Mount Shasta.



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