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[William Hibbard]

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Victoria V I [Vancouver Island], Nov [November] 10th 1862

My Dear Brother I arrived here this morning from San Juan Island, and found your welcome letter awaiting me at the Post Office. I regret that I did not get it sooner, but I have not been in Victoria for about six weeks, and although I have requested persons to enquire for the letters for me, they have reported none. I am confident however, from the date of yours Aug [August] 28th, that it must have been here the last time I sent. I am sure that I do not receive more than half of the letters you write me, for you often allude to things that you have mentioned in former letters which I know nothing about, so that I know that I have never received the letters alluded to. I wrote you last in August and should have written you again before this, had I done as I ought. I have however, been so hard at work this summer, that fatigue, and weariness, must in some degree, be my excuse for not writing oftner. Lizzie, I have no doubt, has put me out of her books altogether, and does not consider me a brother worth having, if so, I cannot find fault with her for it lies with me, as I owe her two or three, long letters. Your letter (as your kind letters always do) gave me much satisfaction and pleasure, for it had been over four months since I had received news from home, and I

I was getting uneasy, perhaps, a little impatient, but thank God, it brought no tidings but good and plesant [pleasant] ones you were all well. Our Heavenly Father was kindly blessing you with good health, and continued prosperity, and as I read it my heart grew lighter, and, happier than it has been for some time past. God only knows my dead brother how often I wish that I were with you, that I could have remained, when I was with you, but He who rules all things has not so ordered it. I am frequently with you in your new house, in imagination, I do not know what it is like, it assumed various forms and styles, which are always models of neatness, convenience, and comfort, but there is one pleasing peculiarity about the house in all its various forms, and that is, that the bright, and sunny presence of Sarah in every portion of it, her cheery and gladsome face is seen in every room that I enter, the children are there also, but not always the same, for I amine the changes in them, as they grow older. I often wonder what they will be when I see them again, which, please God I hope to be permitted to do in His own good time. Victoria has increased in size and population this summer, and improved very much in appearance. I have however passed the little time there during the last six months having been continually occupied at the Lime Kilns. It is a lonely place, quite by its self our nearest neighbours [neighbors] being four miles away from us on one side, and eight on the other. I manage though to pass the time very rapidly, a month seems no sooner commenced than it is gone. I have so much to do, and apparently so little time to do it in, that the work seems to get on very slowly. I cannot complain much however of the progress I have made this season. We have been able to get better men to do our work than we formerly could. We have twelve men employed, eight of whom are Canadians. I have been trying to ascertain where John Cammeron is, he came down from the mines to Victoria in Sept” [September], and, got an engagement of some kind which took him away from that place, but what his employment is, or, where he has gone, I have not as yet been able to find out. I think however that he is at some of the Lumber Mills, on the Sound, he left some of his things with me when he went to the mines, so I think that I shall soon hear from him but I shall continue my enquiries for him. Our Heavenly Father has been kindly pleased to bless me with the best of health this season, and I feel more encouraged and hopeful, than I did sometime ago. Give my kindest love to Sarah, &, the children, with the usual kiss to each I shall try to write you oftner in future. Remember me kindly to all enquiring friends, and with sincere love [kindly] to all I remain Your Affectionate Brother Augustin Hibbard



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Letter from Augustin Hibbard to [William Hibbard] 1862 Nov. 10

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