According to most scientists, while the precise nature and extent of global climate change may be debatable, climate change is occurring and it is probable that humans are contributing to it. And in many industrialized countries, climate change regulations and other governmental programs are now in effect. While the United States is lagging behind in this connection on the federal level, states are beginning to pick up the slack.

Given both what is certain and what is still uncertain about global climate change and the regulatory responses, what strategies should Multinational Business Enterprises adopt to best manage their risks and best take advantage of the opportunities offered by global climate change.

More than 15 leading legal scholars, practitioners and business executives, representing a diverse range of perspectives and ideas presented at the conference.

Dates: February 24 - 25, 2007

Questions the Conference Explored

  • What risks do MBE’s run by ignoring climate change issues? Are there potential liabilities to shareholders? To third parties? To regulators?
  • How likely is litigation challenging an MBE’s responses to climate change issues?
  • How should MBE’s deal with the potentially bewildering array of potentially conflicting or overlapping regulatory programs?
  • What principles should govern an MBE’s decision to make “green” investments? Are some investments better than others? Are there synergies that can develop among different businesses?
  • What role does ethics play in MBE investment strategies?
  • What lessons can be learned from the strategies adopted by some leading MBE’s?

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