Cybersecurity Law: An Evolving Field


Cybersecurity Law: An Evolving Field



Cybersecurity Law: An Evolving Field is a casebook that covers the duties of a cybersecurity professional, state and federal regulation, risk assessment and the NIST Risk Assessment Frameworks, common law and statutory causes of action concerning data breach, laws related to anti-hacking, problems concerning the Internet of Things and selected international issues. This text is for law students and counsel who want to understand the connections between cybersecurity laws and cybersecurity requirements, and advise clients concerning cybersecurity related issues. In part, it seeks to bridge the communication gap between the legal department and the cybersecurity team.

The casebook includes over 75 questions and there are answers to those questions in the Teacher's Manual. The notes in the casebook are intended to stimulate discussion and most contain hints to the relevant arguments. The Teacher’s Manual provides over 250 additional descriptive questions and answers which could be used as written or oral quizzes in class. The Teacher's Manual also includes hypotheticals as well as summaries of each case and teaching tips. The teaching materials are designed to allow a relatively new cybersecurity professor to deliver an excellent and relatively comprehensive course.



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Cybersecurity Law: An Evolving Field