California Family Law: A Practice Focused Casebook


California Family Law: A Practice Focused Casebook



Family law in California is enormously complex. This casebook is unique in its focus on California family law. Most students enrolled in family law in California intend to practice in the Golden State. This book helps them understand the day-to-day work of California family law attorneys. Although the book contains several out-of-state cases, most cases are from our Supreme Court and Court of Appeal. The Family Code is referenced and quoted throughout. Relevant sections of the Family Code are in an appendix. Other California Codes – e.g., Probate, Civil Procedure – are cited where appropriate.

The book covers all the subjects typically treated in family law casebooks, but with a California twist. Thus, there are chapters on Marvin agreements, premarital agreements, marriage, divorce – with an emphasis on the nuts and bolts of divorce in California’s form driven practice, annulment, paternity, child and spousal support, child custody – with emphasis on the UCCJEA and the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction – adoption, and alternative means reproduction. The community property chapter is lengthy, and can be used to teach the community property course. Many students enrolled in family law want to help children and families. The chapter on juvenile court emphasizes dependency, and the role of counsel in child protection.



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California Family Law: A Practice Focused Casebook