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Thoughts concerning Diophantine analysis


Leonhard Euler

Enestrom Number


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The first two paragraphs seem to be in praise of Diophantine analysis. Then we turn to familiar ground: first, find three numbers, v, x, y that make squares out of the expressions vx+v+x, vy+v+y, and xy+x+y. Next, find four numbers A, B, C, D that make the following squares: AB–1, AC–1, AD–1, BC–1, BD–1, and CD–1. (An easy solution is 1, 2, 5, 1.) Given a number n, find four numbers that make squares out of AB+n, AC+n, etc.

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Commentationes arithmeticae collectae, Volume 2, pp. 576-587.

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Series 1, Volume 5, pp.284-302.

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